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Chinese Dramas with English Subtitles

Cruel Romance - In the 1930s’Shanghai, that is lively, bustlingd paradise, but also the factions of Chinese and foreign forces bloody battlefield. A girl Rong Jinxiu (Joe Chen) Who lives in Zhenjiang may never thought she would be in this famous city in China and abroad staged a series of scores of resentment story. But the catastrophe of the family pushed her there. In Shanghai, Jinxiu get relief from Zuo Zhen (Huang Xiaoming). Zuo Zhen and Shanghai’s famous person Xiang Hanchuan (Xie Junhao), Xiang Yingdong (Qiao Renliang) two brothers sworn, at this time, Jinxiu in the Lion Grove Hotel met her sister who was apart with her for many years Yin Mingzhu (Lu Jiarong). Zuo Zhen and Rong Jinxiu’s fate connect together, but the girl because of misunderstanding fall in love with Xiang Yingdong, but Xiang Yingdong has indefinable emotion to his brother’s woman Mingzhu. 

Medical Examiner Quin - The interpol captain of Longfan City Lin Tao (Li Xian), and forensic department chief Qin Ming (Zhang Ruoyun) are longtime friends. Qin Ming's assistant reported to resignation because of unbearable strange temper of Qin Ming. Li Dabao (Jiao Junyan), who is in the Scar Inspection division, was seconded to join this work group.

At the beginning, as a girl, Dabao are not be trusted by Qin Ming. But in the case, stubborn Dabao reflects a very strong ability of reasoning and observation, and the sense of smell extreme sensitivity. Critical Qin Ming decided to let Dabao to stay. The iron triangle of Longfan Police station also the beginning to form. They collaborated with each other and solved a variety of incredible cases.

Divorce Lawyers - After divorce, the lawyer Chi Haidong (Wu Xiubo) turned into a golden bachelor. He and the feelings of injured single female lawyer Luo Li (Yao Chen) is the opponent in court. They are always meet each other on divorce case in court, and in life, they are neighbors. This drama think of "believe in love, maintain marriage" as the theme, tells a story about how two divorced lawyers who originally no longer believe in love but come together in the end.

Mr Mermaid - Chinese students' National Swimming Championship is going to begin. After three years’ prepare, Tang Yibai (Xiong Ziqi) return on this competition. Everyone has high hopes for him, and Tang Yibai also works hard to re-pursue his own dreams. Before the competition, he meet a intern reporter – Yun Duo (Tan Songyun). Yun Duo learned Tang Yibai’s past and dream, support him without reservation.

Yun Duo rented a room, the house is belong to Tang Yibai’s mother (Zhao Qian), but she and Tang Yibai didn’t know it before. They found each other's identity occasionally, then contact more frequently, gradually have feeling to each other. Even if there are a lot of obstacles, Tang Yibai still did not leave Yun Duo. And in the encouragement of Yun Duo, friend and the coach, Tang Yibai finally made a dream of the results, to a higher level of the competition.

Fighter of the Destiny - Looks to be SciFi, but haven't actually watched this one yet. Just saving here for later.