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Below are some tech links I often peruse. Note, I don't really care for Facebook or Twitter, as I prefer to create my own education, not be educated, if you get my drift. 

GitHub Trending - Developer community where they upload and update their coding repositories. Here you can often see new trends in coding, programming languages, and much more. 

Slashdot - Hard to leave this one off because I have been following this one for 15+ years. I even have a Slashdot T-Shirt (at least I did at one point).

Hacker News - Slanted a little toward the Silicon Valley culture, but a great place to find some interesting stories.

Futurism - The technology of the future, from new discoveries to bleeding edge technology, this is a good place to dream of the future. 

TechCrunch - Geared toward the big players like Google, Apple and Facebook, but with a good venture capital spin as well.

Google Blog - Let's face it. Google is always up to something.